Lazy Monday Links

Here’s a list of stuff that had my attention this past week. Maybe you’ll enjoy it as well. Check it out: Philadelphia Bans Cashless Stores: In another episode of claim chowder, the first blow in the coming cashless war has been dealt. I’ve long said that I don’t know how long “going cashless” will be […]

Take Back Control Over Your Life

Let’s face it: living in our world today is pretty awesome. Sure, there are significant political and social issues that we have to wrestle through together, and there is unfortunately significant inequality in the global society, but day-to-day life for many American millennials is great. We’re instantly connected to anyone in our social circles, we […]

Fast Forward 2019: Goals

Despite my intuition-driven, roll-with-the-punches nature, I also firmly believe in the values of setting goals. And I’m not talking about the New Year’s resolution type nonsense, but more of a concrete achievable thing, along with the “hows”. In addition to setting personal goals this year, we also had a family discussion about what our collective […]