I’ve blogged off & on for years, and honestly I don’t usually have the time to maintain one regularly. That said, I occasionally haveĀ  some different thoughts in my head that I’d love to get out. If you’re interested in any of them, feel free to add this to your favorite feed reader of choice (I love Feedbin). For a bit about what you’re getting yourself into, check out the following:

About Me

I’m the father of 3 daughters. I’m a Christian most of the time. I’m a Startup CEO. I love my country dearly. I’m cynical about most things, but also an avowed futurist. Wizards > Prophets. Borderline sociopath, over-the-border narcissist. Closet introvert. I love baths. I can clap with one hand. I love reading, M:TG, and the Nintendo Switch. Cigars are great. I travel a ton and eat even more. I often leave awful first impressions and great thirtieth impressions. Upper millennial living wherever; culturally a New Yorker; lover of California; lower class Southerner.

What I’ll Write About

I’m a firm believer that leaders should do actual work and execute a lot more than they write and philosophize. That said, writing is a huge part of my thought process. It’s a way for me to gain clarity on some things I’m thinking through and working on. Considering that, I’ll write on a little bit of everything, but primarily startup dynamics, leadership lessons, and the Creator Economy. Sprinkled throughout will be cultural notes on what I’ve been reading or listening to. Occasionally I’ll throw some travel notes or life notes in as well. Hope you enjoy!