Settling In. Maybe.

Anyone who knows me knows that my family and I move every 12-18 months. It’s kind of crazy. It’s also the life I lived growing up (and actually enjoyed most of the time). When we’re not moving halfway across the world for a few months, we’re trekking across the country to change cities. Even if we don’t change cities, we change houses. School districts. Boroughs. Neighborhoods. And this time is no different…kind of.

I can’t talk about what’s happening in my professional life yet, but I’m very excited for it. It’s another new beginning, but at the same time more of the same. But it also means I have line of sight for the next couple of years at least. It means that my family and I can settle in somewhere.

We recently signed a lease for 286 Clifton Place. We’re staying in Brooklyn, which is incredible. I’ve loved living here, to be honest. I’m stoked. While it doesn’t have a dedicated home office space for me, maybe I can find one nearby. Plus, the condo has plenty of space, a yard (puppy!), an outdoor patio, and a fantastic living area. It’s also in a great location, right on the border of Clinton Hill & Bedford-Stuyvesant, just a block away from some great local haunts. Not a crazy commute, either. We’re moving in this weekend. Pictures coming soon.

Does this mean that we’re settling in for a while? Maybe. Does this mean we’re settling in for now? Certainly. And I, for one, think it’s great.

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