Things I Use

Below are some things I use on the regular, along with some notes, listed in no particular order. I’ve tried to roughly categorize them and link out when appropriate.


  • 2016 13″ Macbook Pro: The keyboard has grown on me (but I still prefer the previous iteration). I absolutely hate the Touch Bar. It’s useless. Power to any port is nice, but dongle land is awful. Increasingly getting better though as the industry catches up. Touchpad and display are still best-in-class.
  • iPhone XS: Despite not wanting to upgrade, I did. To the iPhone XS from the 7. Yes, I paid $250 more basically for a smaller phone. I can’t deal with larger phones. I want a small footprint in my pocket and I don’t care about a bigger screen at all. I’m not the person that’s watching movies or whatever on my phone. The second camera lens is icing, but I’m not really the mobile photographer type either.
  • Apple Watch Series 3: Got one half off due to a promotion with T-Mobile. My wife really wanted one, so I picked one up as well. Like it a lot more than I thought I would. Most useful for Fantastical, Now Playing, Drafts, Things, and Activity.
  • Bose QuietComfort 35s: The true mark of technorati. A bit expensive, but they are by far the best-in-class noise-cancelling wireless headphones. For travel, for zone work, they’re amazing.
  • Ledger Nano S: Do you even tech? I have one because I’m long-term bullish on Stellar and wanted some semi-cold storage for it.
  • Collection of random cords & chargers: I’m always carrying a number of cords (USB-C to X, USB to Lightning, etc) and random power chargers. I’m not super attached to any of them except

Desktop Software

  • Google Chrome: No comment.
  • Slack: Do you even tech? Like Notion below, I also use Slack for the home life. It maps to Shift-Caps Lock for easy access.
  • Fantastical: I prefer using Google Calendar, but this thing has Apple Watch integration which is cool. It’s also pretty good, but gets a bit busy over time. It’s also a bit hard to manage invites…at least to me.
  • Notion: Evernote-killer. I have a space for Exeq and my personal stuff. Permanent brain dump and things like important-to-remember numbers, etc.
  • Things: The best to-do tracker out there for me. Simple, lightweight, but robust enough to get the job done. Omnifocus is pretty great too, but a bit too complex for what I need. Todoist isn’t as seamless as I’d like.
  • Drafts: One of the reasons I can’t leave the iOS ecosystem. Can’t wait for the desktop app. My go to mind dump, for sure. Items from here usually end up in either Things or Notion.
  • Sublime Text 3: Text editor of choice. I don’t believe it’s better or anything like that, but I do know it better. I’ve had my settings & extensions fairly static for years now and don’t plan on changing them anytime soon.
  • Spotify: I’m a music nerd. I’ve a few public playlists. A few private ones. One that we bump in the office at Exeq. Check ’em out.
  • Figma: Replaced Sketch for us. It gets a little slow and wonky if I leave it open too long (memory leaks, yo), and sometimes when I’m collaborating with Sam it’s a bit weird…but in general pretty good. The commenting flow is really nice for development.
  • iTerm 2: Terminal of choice, alongside zsh and the aforementioned dotfiles. I have it mapped to my Caps Lock key for easy access.
  • Alfred 3: Productivity workhorse. I hate using a mouse or trackpad, and between this, Keyboard Maestro, and the built-in app shortcuts I have set for apps like Things, I rarely have to do so.


The home screen should be pretty straightforward, but a couple of things:

  • Home Row: Google Calendar app. Outlook for email. Things is my life. Holds my to-dos, along with things like a grocery list, a list of splurge items, and travel spots.
  • Home Folder: This is where the apps that run my house live: ADT, Google Home, Google WiFi, WeMo, etc.


  • Hobonichi Techo Planner
  • Pilot G2-07 Pen
  • Field Notes
  • Baron Fig
  • Comp Notebooks
  • Action Method Notebook
  • Techno Planner
  • Fountain Pen
  • Fountain Ink